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Schedule and hours

I love this job and it's also not something I do full time. My clients are generally scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the hours of 10:00-2:00. This means I have limited openings, so give me a call and we can see if we can work something out.


"One on one" instruction is ideal, it allows me to focus completely on you. Progression may be quicker this way as we utilize all the equipment more fully and get through more exercises per session.

Private Price per session Package Total Savings
1 $75 $75  
5 $70 $350 $25
10 $65 $650 $100


Working with a friend is always fun, especially if your fitness level is somewhat similar. The cost per session becomes more affordable. It’s a great way to train and gives you the opportunity to work on all of the various pieces of equipment.

Duet Price per session Package Total Each person's cost per session
1 $90 $90 $45
5 $85 $425 $42.50
10 $80 $800 $40


A group of three can be a wonderful way to lower your own personal cost! These sessions are focused on the reformer and occasional use of other equipment to ensure safety and excellence in programming.

*Trio on Reformer Price per session Package Total Each person's cost per session
1 $120 $120 $40
5 $115 $575 $38.30
10 $110 $1100 $36.60

*Members of a trio may be asked to complete some private sessions before beginning with the group.

Payment Policy

It’s helpful to think of the duet and trio sessions as a scheduled class. Essentially, you are paying for the “class” time. Payment for the number of classes the group wants to commit to is expected prior to starting, and purchased by one member of the group. The group can then work out the money split amongst themselves. The dates and times that the sessions take place will be scheduled at time of payment. If the entire group can’t be to a session, the session still happens without the missing member. If the entire group needed to cancel a session, at least 24 hours notice is required. Package sessions expire after nine months.

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